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Award-wining industrial design

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We explore, brainstorm and generate new ideas to differentiate competitors

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Concept Proof

We verify the practicableness and feasibility of the concepts/theories of the idea(s)/product(s).

3D modeling screenshot

3D Modeling

Using specialised three-dimensional computer software, we develop a 3D model of the product(s) for further assessment.

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We provide visual communication support for a better understanding of the idea(s)/product(s) itself.



Inspired by artistic and creative ideas, we provide eye-catching retail store display and packaging design.

Product ID

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IoT Solutions

Smart connected devices for consumers

lora sensor node

LoRa / LoRaWan

Expertise in developing devices such as trackers, embedded sensors and educational training kits using LoRa / LoRaWan.

LoRa modulation & LoRaWan wide area networking (LPWAN) protocol enables long-range transmissions with low power consumption.

home automation


Work on home Zigbee sensors since 2015.

Zigbee creates personal area networks for home automation, building automation and medical device data collection. It is low-power and close proximity.

sigfox transmission


Experience and expertise in the development of trackers devices and embedded sensors on Sigfox.

Sigfox is a is a global IoT network operator enabling long-range transmissions with low power consumption.

app & device bluetooth

Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy

10 years expertise in developing devices and mobile applications communicating by Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy.

Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy are wireless personal area network technology supported in many IoT product and all smartphones on the market.

wi-fi sensor hub


Experience in developing devices, gateways and mobile applications communicating by Wi-Fi allowing simple and friendly user experience.

Wi-Fi is one of the most ubiquitous technology for Internet connectivity.

IoT Solutions

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rhino tracker

Disruptive Technologies

Smallest autonomous GPS in the world



Experience and expertise in the development of trackers devices and embedded sensors on Sigfox.

Sigfox is a is a global IoT network operator enabling long-range transmissions with low power consumption.



We have developed a low power, ruggedized tracking device for wild animals. The device uses GPS and Ubiscale tracking technologies combined with Sigfox connectivity and has multiple years of battery life thanks to its low power architecture.

phone gps


Experience and expertise in the development of GNSS tracking devices based on GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. We also have strong experience on managing GNSS antennas design constraints.

map with location

Tracking & Positioning

Experience and expertise in the development of tracking devices and solutions for indoor & outdoor, wearables, animal and asset tracking.

We use different technologies like GNSS (GPS), Ubiscale, BLE, IR, NFC and triangulation.



We use Ubiscale technology to achieve very low power consumption for outdoor tracking.

Ubiscales has lower power consumption than GNSS (like GPS) by offloading position computations on the cloud.

Disruptive Technologies

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sleeping device

Fabless Manufacturing

Shenzen based team streamlines product

aircomfort disassembled


We offer full prototyping services including mechanical, PCBA and packaging at different stage of product development.

few & small boxes

Small Quantity

We can manage small production MOQ from 10 to 100 units.

electronic testing

QC & Testing

Tektos understands the importance of quality hence we perform several tests throughout the whole production process. For quality assurance, we conduct extra tests aside from the original test that our suppliers provide.

boxed packages

Packaging & Kitting

Our all-round packaging and kitting services ensure every product will be packed and kitted efficiently.



We provide certificates and tests that comply with different regulations across the world, including CE, RoHS, etc.

Fabless Manufacturing

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Data & App Design

Integrated data cross platform solutions

ios app screenshot


We develop native iOS app in Objective-C and Swift with intuitive interface for a clear, readable and interactive app..

android app screenshot


We develop native Android app in Java and Kotlin with intuitive interface for a clear, readable and interactive app.



Our team design to maximising usability and user experience.



We specify and implement communication between mobile app, server and IoT devices.

cloud storage


We also handle development on the server side with strong experience with Linux system & network administration, backend and server side software development (PHP, MySql, Python) and maintenance, system scaling, Amazon EC2 and other major cloud platform.

quality assurance


We provide software quality assurance (SQA) to measure and monitor the quality of software engineering processes and methods.

Data & App Design

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airquality prototype

Engineering Design

PCBA, Firmware and Mechanical Design

PCB designing


Handles electronic design starting from system architecture and component sourcing to developing schematic design for analog, digital and RF circuit. We also have strong experience with sensors from different domains, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air Quality, Robotics related.

firmware code


Develops firmware for MCU for many types of applications, connected devices / IOT (Internet Of Things), general consumer electronics products, low energy wireless technology, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n).


Quick PCB & PCBA

By combining PCBA prototypes and mechanical prototypes (3D printer or CNC), we are able to build full product sample long before mass production.

airquality design

Mechanical Design

We provide mechanical solutions that allow the product to perform as intended.

material costing

Product Costing

We have a mature system of handling BOM (Bill of Materials) costing. We estimate the production cost based on a list of all materials involved in Electronic and Mechanical design. We make sure all parts match with specifications while keeping the cost within target.

Engineering Design

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International Design Awards



qimini pocket

Qimini Pocket





qimini cable

Qimini Cable

qimini tempo

Qimini Tempo







iBebot Hub

iBebot Hub

magnetic tape

Magnetic Tape