aircomfort pro

AirComfort series

AirComfort, Lite & Pro

Inspired by the shape of thermometer with a flash of mixed colors, the Aircomfort is a product that simple but elegant design with a wonderful appearance for users.

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aircomfort lite
aircomfort app

Cably series

Clip, Tie, Gather, Guide, Tag, Wrap & Wrap-it

Items for cable managment.

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qimini charger

Qimini series

Pocket, Cable, Juice, Tempo

The world's thinnest wireless charger.

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qimini charger
qimini tempo

BagiTag smart tracker

BagiTag & BagiStrap

Waterproof wireless gadget designed with concepts of affordability, simplicity, durability and user-friendly. Bag iTag is attached to the luggage and at the same time communicate wirelessly with the mobile devices

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Bio card charger

The world's thinnest wireless charger.


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