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Supply chain management

We provide one-stop service for the supply chain. With efficient Product Material Control (PMC) system, we predetermined standard time for production and material purchasing to assure that the whole production process goes smoothly.



Our extensive network of manufacturing sites allows us to offer a database of validated products which are dedicated to our industries and a perfect complement to the Tektos range.



We provide certificates and tests that comply with different regulations across the world, including CE, RoHS, etc.


Packaging and Kitting

Our all-round packaging and kitting services ensure every product will be packed and kitted efficiently.


QC & Testing

Tektos understand the important of quality, hence we perform tests throughout the whole production process for each production. To ensure the quality of the products, we conduct extra tests other than the original test results that our suppliers provide.



Tektos optimises stock management, ensuring product dispatch is both flexible and competitive. We manage cost-effective solutions for production consolidation prior to export in addition to direct shipments to specific business and consumer locations.

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