Our approach is more than just creative dreaming - there are a collection of feelings and experiences that inspire the initial idea. Capturing the client’s perspective, understanding and desired result is essential because it helps us establish a foundation for the concept and the client's needs.


We generate, develop and communicate new product idea(s) starting from scratch.


Concept Proof

We verify the practicableness and feasibility of the concepts/theories of the idea(s)/product(s).


3D Modelling

Using specialised three-dimensional computer software, we develop a 3D model of the product(s) for further assessment.

3D Modeling


An early sample is built/developed for evaluation and exploration of the overall design look and feel.


Graphic Design

We provide visual communications support for a better understand of the idea(s)/product(s) itself.

Graphic Design

Retail Theatre & Packaging Design

Inspired by artistic and creative ideas, we provide eye-catching retail store display and packaging design.

Retail Theatre
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